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Terofox International

To assure customers more than satisfying customer experience, Terofox has set up agencies and distributors worldwide. Provide in time consulting and assistance to customers in time of need. Also we are plaining to build service centers in designated locations where we are able to provide the instant service and also in person communication with customers. At this stage, we are in location scouting and marketing research in the service points to be near our customers.

* For agency or distributorship inquiry, please contact info@terofox.com we will reply you within 24hrs.

We look forward to contributing and being part of your success.

While patting ourselves for hard work and performance every year and entering to a new chapter of success, we are delighted to announce new addition to our company. Terofox Valves Integrated Corp. has expanded to set up two new offices respectively in Australia and China for one-stop service at hand.