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Water Treatment

General Industry

In this application, Terofox has been working in this field over 20 years on our ball valves, butterfly valves. Here is summary of related products we've been dealing with customers in this field. 

‧API608 Ball valve ‧1000 WOG Two Way Ball Valves
‧2000 WOG Two Way Ball Valves ‧ISO5211 Direct-Mounted Ball Valves
‧Automation Ball Valves ‧API609 butterfly valve
‧Flange Ball Valves ‧Stainless Steel Gate Globe Check Valves

Oil & Gas

The Oil and Gas Industry covers the research, extraction, refinery, transport and crude oil products. It's widely use from upstream ( API6A ), midsteam ( API6D ) and downstream ( API608 ). Terofox products are mainly focusing on API608 floating ball valve, API6D trunnion mounted ball valves in midstream and downstream. Engineering products below say the quality of approval by API607, ISO15848, API624, API641, API6D. Terofox has been engaged with this applications with customers for years. Quality products, certified valves and consistence procuts make you confident with our brand. 

‧API607 Fire Safe Ball Valves ‧High Pressure Ball Valves
‧API600 Gate Valve ‧API602,BS5352 Gate Valves
‧API6D Trunnion mounted ball valve ‧Fugitive Emission Ball Valve


There're several types of refinery such as petroleum oil refinery, food oil refinery, sugar refinery, natural gas processing, salt refinery and metal refinery. With experience Terofox team, we've dealing with many end-users who are in coverage of those applications in the world. Below is our recommended products for Refinery application. 

‧API608 Flange Ball Valves  ‧API607 Ball Valves 
‧API600 Gate Globe Check Valves ‧API609 Butterfly valve
‧API602 Forged Valves ‧API603 Corrosive Gate Globe Check Valves
‧API594 Dual Plate Check Valves  


Both of applications are likely chemical products derived from petroleum. Some chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossile fuels, such as coal or natural gas. 

‧API608 ball valve ‧API600 Gate Globe Check Valves
‧PFA lined ball valve ‧Special material valves
‧PTFE Lined Butterfly valves ‧Sight Glass


Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning ( HVAC ) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. It's an important part of residential structures such as single family homes, apartment buildings, hotels any areas with citizens. 

‧Automation ball valve ‧Automation Concentric butterfly valve
‧Automatic High performance butterfly valve  

Food & Beverage

‧3A Sanitary ball valve   


‧Ultra High purity ball valve - ST-310 series with boss ( purge )


‧High Purity Ball valve ST-310 series with boss (purge)