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High Quality Investment Casting Valve Manufacturer


Terofox manufactures high quality lost-wax casting valves and is capable of innovative product design (from early stage) via professional computing soft wares such as SolidWorks, CAD, flow simulator etc.

Our ability of design scope includes ball valves, butterfly valves, dual plate check valves, butterfly valve..and so on. Our one and ultimate mission is to provide best possible solutions to client's demands.

Terofox international team has accumulated years of experiences for developing customized solutions. With loyal support from our long-term cooperated foundry (certificated by EU PED Equipment Pressure & ISO 9001:2015 of Lloyd/LRQA Assurance), we have successfully delivered products as per/ surpassing client's expectation & global certifications altogether.

Lost-Wax Injection                                              Wax-Tree       


Dipping                                                                   Drying


Dewaxing                                                           Shell Heating  




Material Availability 

Material Code Nominal Casting
Designation ASTM DIN UNS
Austenitic Stainless Steel ( Standard Material )
SS304 18Cr-8Ni A351 CF8 1.4308 J92600
SS316 18Cr-9Ni-2Mo A351 CF8M  1.4408 J92900
SS316L 18Cr-9Ni-2Mo-C<0.03% A351 CF3M  1.4404 J92800
SS317 18Cr-12Ni-3.5Mo A351 CG8M   J93000
904L 19Cr-23Ni-4.0Mo      
Alloy 20 29Ni-20.5Cr-3.5Cu-2.5Mo A351 CN7M 1.4536 J95150
Super Austenitic Stainless Steel
254 Mo 20Cr-18Ni-6.5Mo-N-Cu A351 CK3MCuN 1.4308 J93254
Nickel based Alloy
Monel 400 67Ni-30Cu A494 M-35-1 2.4365 N24135
Hastelloy C276 58Ni-16Cr-16Mo-6Fe-4W A494 CW12MW 2.4686 N30002
Hastelloy C  64Ni-18Cr-18Mo A494 CW6M 2.4819 N30107
Duplex Stainless Steel
2205/4A 22Cr-5Ni-Mo-N A890/955 CD3MN 1.4462 J92205
Super Duplex Stainless Steel
2507/5A 25Cr-7Ni-4Mo-N A890/955 CE3MN   J93404
Grade 2   B367 C2    
Grade 5 6AI-4V B367 C5    


Foundry Capability: 

Process Investment castings ( Lost-wax castings )
Prototype within 25 days 
Quantity  50pcs to over 10,000pcs
Materials * Carbon & Low Alloy Steels
  * Austenitic Stainless Steel & Super Austenitic Stainless Steel
  * Duplex Stainless Steel & Super Duplex Stainless Steel 
  * Nikel Based Alloy 
Furnance 120KG x 1 furnance, 150KG x 4 furnances, 300KG x 1 furnance
Facility  Machining Lathes x 30 sets, CNC x 18 sets, Vertical Machining x 2 sets
Weight up to 75KG for components 
Size up to 16" x 16" x 16"
Products Valves, Compressors, Food Processing, Hand Tools, Marine Hardware, Parts, OEM parts



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CNC Machining                                              Semi-finished Products



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