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Trunnion mounted API607 approval

Terofox has been persisting on a journey to excellence and acquiring globally recognized certification is one of our approaches. We've got another approval on our Model: TF-40 Trunnion mounted ball valve in 4" Class 150, it means that Terofox has complete range of approvals on Trunnion mounted ball valve series TF-40, TF-44. Class 150 ~ Class 900.

TF-40, Split design casting type trunnion mounted ball valve, Class 150 and Class 300, Sizes :4" ~ 36" 
API607 6th and 7th Fire safe approvals

TF-44, 3pc forged type trunnion mounted ball valve, Class 600 and Class 900, Sizes: 8"~24" 
API607 6th Fire safe approval

Terofox team is your trustworty supplier in ball valve and butterfly valve soliution based in Taiwan.